Saturday, June 7, 2008

Malai Kulfi

Another Summer cooler here! May be summer is just an excuse to make this yummy kulfi. You can make malai kulfi with very little effort. But you have wait min 6 hrs for it to frezze completely before its ready to be served.


4 cups of milk

1 cup fresh cream/whipping cream

1 cup of cool whip/whipped cream

1/3 cup Coarsly grounded almonds and pistachios

2 teaspoons of freshly grounded cardamom

1/2 cup Sugar


Bring milk to boil. Reduce it to half while stirring constantly on medium heat. Mix sugar and let it cool.

If you dont want to do any cooking here then use 2 cups of evaporated milk instead of milk.

Now in a mixing bowl add reduced/evaporated milk, cream and cool whip. Whisk prroperly to incorporate eveything together. Then add the grounded nuts and cardamom. Mix well using a whisk or a mixer.

Transfer to the elongated kulfi mould or small glass. Cover with a foil and freeze for min 6 hrs.

When chilled take out from the freeze. Pierce a stick into it. Dip the mould lightly in water to loosen the kulfi. Take out the stick with kulfi. Its ready to enjoy!

You can also put it in a big long glass and cover wih foil while freeezing. Cut into slices after taken out from freezer. Decorate with choped nuts. Its ready to relish!


Myviews said...

First time to your blog..Malai Kulfi is truly delicious!! Thanks for sharing ...

karuna said...

first time to ure blog. the malai koolfi looks good

Mansi Desai said...

that looks delicious pearl!:)